The Fontana Hutch is a lovely counterpart to the Fontana Base Cabinet and offers added character and function to your beloved bar area by boasting a trio of adjustable shelves along the central back panel for storage and display of the items that make the space your own, and mirrored displays which flank each side of the primary shelving and are perfect for decanters and stemware while being elegantly framed for a stately effect that is certain to be noticed for its opulence.  This lovely hutch is completed with sophisticated crown molding along the top for a polished, dapper look and feel.


The Fontana Base Cabinet provides the foundation for the exceptional Fontana Hutch but stands handsomely alone as well.  Crafted as much for utility as for allure, this cabinet offers up a duo of wide horizontal shelves for display above sliding drawers that are perfect for tucking away necessities that are better left not touted.  The  center of the cabinet boasts a framework of wine cradles while double doors to either side open to extra storage and can be locked for added security.  The façades of the doors feature beveled frames to complement the beveled base that extends slightly at the floor.


Length: 74.5"

Width: 13.25"

Height: 85"